Our Hop Rhizomes

Hop plants grow at an amazing rate and each spring, mature hop bine roots are cut back. This process keeps hop plants from growing indescriminately and becoming unweildy. It also helps keeps different varities segregated. As roots can grow horizonally with surprising speed, with its many offshoots each producing a new climbing bine, this is an important step in the cultivation of the plants.

Hops do produce seeds and can be grown in this fashion, but a male and a female plant is required to produce a viable seed. Only female hop plants(ones that produce hop cone flowers) are used in beer production.

A root that is capable of producing additional plants is known as a rhizome and when cut into pieces, each piece is capable of producing a new plant. This is the preferred method of propogating of the plants as a pair of parent plants is not required to produce a viable offspring.

Each spring as the plants spring back to life and are prepared for the growing season, rhizomes are harvested, washed, soaked in a nutrient solution and then carefully packed and placed in refrigerated storage. The result is a healthy, viable rhizome ready for planting.

Hopsfromvirginia.com has freshly harvested rhizomes from all its varieties available for purchase in the market place. Get yours today!

NOTE: Current USDA quarantines prohibit shipping to Washington State, Oregon or Idaho.